4 Reasons to Ensure Quality Window and Door Installation

Quality Windows

For most of people, natural light pouring through adequate windows and doors is an absolute must-have when looking for a home. It goes without saying that having enough natural light indoors is pleasant. However, there’s a lot more to windows than just that.

When considering window and door installation or replacement in Edmonton, it’s important to know all the benefits that quality installation of windows and doors can bring. Here are the top four benefits:

1. Save Money With Proper Window and Door Installation

High quality windows and doors can seem expensive, especially when quality installation is added in. This, however, can be a short-sighted perspective as well-installed, high-quality windows can actually save money in the long run.

When considering window installation in Edmonton, the extremes of Canada’s season’s need to be considered. In the (often bitter) winters, windows need to effectively keep in the heat so they don’t provide a serious gap in your installation which you’ll pay for in heating.

The summer poses much of the same dilemma, but this time with air conditioning. A properly sealed window that diffuses infrared energy can dramatically decrease the amount of AC that will need to be used. This offers a long-term cost effective solution for home owners.

2. More Natural Lighting Indoors

With high-quality windows, far larger installations can take place without affecting the insulation and integrity of a home. That means more natural light can be taken advantage of.

The obvious benefits include a reduction of electricity (because less artificial lighting is required during daytime), which is good for both expenses and the environment.

Some less considered benefits include the health benefits that come with receiving adequate sunlight, especially during the winter time. With quality windows, you’ll be able to get more sun, which brings vitamin D, and helps prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It also brightens up the home beautifully!

Natural Lighting

Liven Up Living Spaces

3. More Comfortable Homes

There’s nothing worse than a chilly draft. But with quality installation of windows and doors, these drafts can easily be eliminated.

With a cold Edmonton winter to contend with, most heating systems are overtaxed and can’t manage to eliminate the occasional chill. The only way to ensure the elimination of drafts is through well-installed windows, which prevent cold air from disrupting the comfort of a home.

In addition to reducing drafts, high quality windows can serve to dramatically reduce outside noise, allowing for a peaceful interior, regardless of what’s happening outside. Nothing is worse than being woke by a loud engine or a beeping horn — good windows can ensure a good sleep.

4. Optimal Humidity

Dry, chapped lips are uncomfortable for anyone. In the winter time, cold, dry air can be a problem in many homes without quality windows and doors. Other problems include persistent static shock from doorknobs and browning house plants. For some, the solution is simply to have a humidifier. Unfortunately, because the precise humidity levels can be difficult to control, they can cause condensation, which can lead to mold growth and streaks on windows.

Most high-end windows maintain better internal humidity, preventing problems such as chapped lips, static shock, and wilting plants — without the downside of condensation streaks and mold.


Streaks Caused By Humidity

Final Thoughts

Put simply, quality window and door installation is absolutely essential for a high quality of life. While the cost can seem high at first, the long-term savings potential is enormous. Reduced heating, cooling, and electrical bills are only a few positive side effects.

Reduced noise, more natural light, and better humidity are only some of the benefits that quality window and door instillation can bring. With cold winters always around the corner, there’s no time like the present to consider window replacement or instillation in Edmonton.

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