Childproofing Windows

Child Proofing Windows

Let’s face it- once you’re inside of your home, it is often hard to keep track of your children. Sometimes you can find them teepeeing the bathroom with toilet paper, opening the cabinets with chemical-filled bottles, or wrapping their miniature bodies into the window curtain after fiddling with the locks. Childproof windows are particularly necessary for easily accessible windows. And, because we know that as unfortunate as they are, accidents happen, we’re helping you keep your children safe with a few simple tips on childproofing your windows.

Initial Assessment

Before investing in any childproofing techniques, assess your children’s proximity to any and all windows in the home.  Clear the area of any items that can assist children with out-of-reach windows. For example, a side table, a couch, or a solid standing light can easily be converted into ladders. Clear these items from the window or inhibit their mobility in order to deter climbing. Further, check your windows’ strength and stability. Can your children simply throw an item at the window causing it to break and if so, what kind of damage is foreseeable? This initial assessment is a useful determinant on how to approach childproofing your windows.

Childproof Locks

One of the easiest ways to childproof a window is to invest in a well-reviewed window lock.  Your local hardware store typically has a range of locks to accommodate sliding or double-hung windows. For custom made windows, our experts at Cambridge Window can advise on unique locks that will prove effective.

Window Screens

If you intend on installing window screens, ensure that you are not relying on them solely. Window screens can prevent your child from falling through windows, but that does not necessarily hinder their access to the window in the first place.

Childproof window guards

“Windows guards are metal grilles installed in windows in order to keep children from climbing out.” When installing them, take account of fire exists. Ensure that an adult is able to get the window open in the event of an emergency.

 Childproof window Stoppers

Sometimes, it is necessary to open the window and let a little fresh air through. In such instances, commit to a childproof window stopper. The nifty little mechanism limits how much a window can open.  Allow your child to feel the cool breeze and keep them safe at the same time.

These tips can significantly enhance the safety of your home. For more tips and questions on installment, contact Cambridge Window, today.