Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows Edmonton

With the recent and increasing concern for the environment, energy efficient windows are trending and we’re sharing why.

  1. Minimize Foreseeable Weather Damage and Utility Bills

The weather has adverse effects on a windows strength and purpose. Unwanted heat loss and gain is common especially during the dry winter seasons and may cause condensation and leakage overtime.  Collectively, the cost of your utility bills and repairs far outweighs the initial cost and installation of energy-efficient windows.  Studies show that energy-efficient windows can reduce utility costs by 15% each month, bringing annual savings to hundreds of dollars.

  1. Increase the Comfort in your home

Installing energy-efficient windows is proportionate to the comfort level of your home. During the summer months, where the climate is dry and humid, they retain solar heat, which in turn, reduces the heat in your home and minimizes the glare from the sunlight, keeping you from feeling hot and sticky.  In winter, the opposite occurs. The thermal retention keeps the glass of your windows warm protecting you from exposure to drafts of cool air.

  1. Low Maintenance

Energy-efficient windows entails a great initial investment, but if you do the groundwork and set the right foundation, the burden is light the rest of the way. Regular wooden windows, despite their insulation, require a lot of require and monthly inspections and maintenance.  Energy-efficient windows on the other hand, are custom-made for your home and are better equipped to withstand the natural elements.

  1. Improved Lighting

Windows are functional, but they are also favourable for the view and lighting. Traditional windows rely on a series of accessories such as drapes or blinds, to mitigate lighting and temperature. But this also limits your pleasure of the window itself.  Energy-efficient windows minimize heat and cold in the respective seasons without compromising your view. In fact, in most instances the view is actually sharper.