Squeaky Clean Windows – Hiring a Professional

Window Cleaning Edmonton

Cleaning your home can be very rewarding. It’s progress that is tangible. And after all the hard work you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. The only thing that can ruin your moment of peace is, in anticipation of basking in the view from your window, you are met with dirt, smudges, and everything but clarity. Windows are hard to clean and if you try and take on that challenge independently, you may find yourself disappointed when the end result is less than flattering. Hiring a professional window cleaner can eradicate your disappointment. But that’s not all it’s good for. In this brief article, we’re sharing with you why a professional window cleaner should be your first call in similar scenarios.

Professionals are experts

A professional window cleaner has a wealth of knowledge about windows. While it might seem trivial, window cleaning is much more complex than a little soap and water. A professional window cleaner ensure that the right product is used to prevent damage to the glass.  For example, ammonia-based window cleaners may damage certain types of glasses  (stained) overtime. Further, they incorporate tools such as ladders and flexible washing tools that can tackle hard-to-reach places.

Identify Problems with your window

When you hire a professional to clean your window, she is able to become “intimate” with the window in that she cleans in a very thorough and intricate manner. As a result, she can discover fixtures that are loose, cracks in the glass, or other problems that may be contributing to the window’s lack of clarity and recommend a course of action for repair and in severe cases, replacement.


A novice cleaner, likely the homeowner, will usually take a while to clean a residential window. Not only is the cleaning process extended due to unfamiliarity, but a novice cleaner has to try and learn all the information a professional knows in a short period of time, in order to optimize the cleaning potential. In most cases, the cleaning project is demoted from an hour job to an all-day excursion. Professional cleaners are informed and have cleaned windows on a much larger scale with demanding turnaround time.

Prolonging the Life of Window

A professional window cleaner understands the right techniques to incorporate to extend the life of a window. One of the most common ways to do so is a treatment of muriatic acid.  Prolonging the life of a window can minimize repair and replacement costs.

Cleaning a window can be daunting, but if you leave it to a professional, you’ll have more time for relaxation.