What are the benefits of a fibreglass door over a wood entry door?


There is no doubt that wood doors are beautiful and stylish, but are they really the best bet for your home? While they are in no way a bad choice, wood doors are simply not as good as fiber glass doors. Fiber glass doors offer many of the advantages that a wood door offers without any limitations.

Why Wood Isn’t the Best Choice for your Entry Door

Wood doors offer a beautiful, high-end look. They are easily repaired and they bring a very homey feel to the front of every house. However, there are many things that make these doors not the best choice. For starters, they are very expensive. While this may not be important to everyone, when you consider the other possible problems with the door, investing a large sum of money into a product like this may not be your best bet.

Did you know that wood doors absorb moisture? This can cause them to bubble, peel, bow, warp or twist. Because of this, they require regular maintenance. Already expensive to begin with, you are not pouring more and more money into your door every year just to keep it looking great and functioning well.

These doors also lack in energy efficiency. They do not offer the tightest seal and can let heat and air escape, leaving you with higher utility bills. Why should you continue to crank the furnace up in the winter because the hot air is escaping and the cold air is pushing in? Alternatively why should you blast your air conditioner in the summer only to have all of that nice, cold air flow right through the door into the outside heat?

Why Fiber Glass is a Much Better Choice

Fiber glass doors are a much better choice over your standard wood door any day. For starters, they do not have any of the limitations, such as fading or warping that wood doors have. Once you install them, they are there to stay. They will not fade, bubble or peel. You can expect a beautiful door without flaws all the time.

There is virtually no maintenance with these doors. They won’t dent or scratch and the beautiful wood finish gives them the look of a wood door without any of the hassle. These doors also have the ability to be painted or stained, allowing you to change the look of your home without having to actually replace the door.

Above all, they offer five times more insulation than wood doors do. You can guarantee lower utility bills when you have one of these doors. Along with proper insulation, they also offer strong security. These doors are not easily broken into and provide your family with a safe, sturdy shield from the outside world.

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