What to look for when inspecting your Doors

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When the seasons change, especially as winter rolls in, it becomes more and more important to inspect your residential external doors to ensure their rigidity, durability, and insulation. Perhaps our checklist can help you assess your preparedness in the True North.

Start Simple

The easiest way to commence a physical inspection of your residential door is to use your eyes. Take advantage of your visual cues and survey anything that may appear unusual. Look at the door from both inside and out. Check for any gaps and ineffective caulking. If there is too much light coming in underneath your door or any other signs of broad openings, it might be an indication of air leaks. Further, assess any stripping of the door and doorway as well as weather damage that may be in need of immediate replacement.

Put the Door to Use

We usually try to avoid stating the obvious, but in some instances it is just necessary. Inspect your doors by using it. Open and close your door a few times to get a proper assessment of any abnormalities. Are there any air leaks? If so, are you feeling them as you go in and out of the door? Test the strength of the wood (where applicable) and feel to determine whether or not weather damage has weakened the door, it’s structure and frame.

Some professionals suggest using a smoke test to determine the condition of an external door. Close all the windows and doors in your home turn off appliances such as the water heater and/or furnace. Following that, turn on bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents (this will suck outside air into your home through cracks or openings). To determine whether or not there is an air leak, hold a lit incense stick around the spaces of your door. If your door has an air leak, the smoke will move inwards by the outside air that is moving into your home.

These simple tips can assist in an efficient inspection. However, to avoid any miscalculations and assumptions, call a professional to optimize your diagnosis and determine the right follow up options be it improvements or replacements.